The E-Bike Madeira team

A colourful group: Biking pros, mechanics, guides, and travel experts 
When it comes to customer service, repairs, purchasing a bike, and planning tours, you need people who know 100 % what they are talking about. This is particularly true for a rental stations with as many different bikes as ours in Funchal. 
We also preferred to have the organisational work around this spread over a number of capable people. For perfect performance. There is, of course, one thing that unites us all: our passion for biking. 

Sergio Baptista

Biking pro and Madeira's top racer, guide, advisor, and tour manager

Sergio is from Camacha only a few kilometres outside Funchal. Known as “Cabrito”, Sergio was going around on two wheels even when he was just a teenager.


Mechanic at the office, repairman

Hello, my name is Lino. I was born in Switzerland, but now I am always on Madeira Island.

My preferences are Downhill and Enduro but I love all kind of Bikes. I am 18 years old and already finished a training as a mechanic. 

Of cours is Sérgio my big Mentor. I speak fluent portugues and german and some english and spanish as well.

I would be pleased to met you here at our shop and meeting point.

Robert Kusch

Tourism expert, hotelier, and coordinator

Robert is German and has been living in Madeira – and enjoying it – for 35 years. He is in charge of our travel service, trips, and tour coordination. 

If you would like, what the idea was that would ultimately become E-Bike Madeira, keep reading... 

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