Madeira: check in and cycle to your heart's content

For biking beginners or experienced pros
Winding trails, straight stretches, forest and gravel paths – and endless downhill and coastal roads, and mountain tours: Madeira is home to a very varied landscape to explore on your MTB or racing bike. From beautifully idyllic to exciting and truly challenging, everyone will find what they are looking for – at any level. 
You can cycle here all year round – from January to December, always at mild temperatures of 20-25C. Perfect biking temperatures. Nonetheless, you should also bring some thicker clothing if you are thinking of exploring the heights of the island at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres.

Do you like a good challenge? Inclines and slopes of 15 % or more – no problem for bike newbies on an e-bike

Madeira is mountainous – and not just a little. If you love inclines and slopes, you will feel right at home here. Even if your fitness level is not high, you will overcome all the challenges – thanks to our e-bikes.

Why not have a look at our tours and programmes? This is where you can get a good overview of our routes, trails, and how much stamina you need to complete them. 

We will be more than glad to assist you in finding the perfect accommodation or the perfect “alternative programme” for your family

Madeira: bike checkbox

  • all kind of tours – MTB, racing bike
  • for all types of shape and skills – from beginners up to professionals
  • countless high mountains / gravel / downhill / freeride and flow trails, lonely Levada trails and country roads
  • exuberant vegetation, sparse mountains
  • all-season average temperature between 20°C and 25°C