Renting a scooter, e-scooter or e-car

Lots of driving and cycling fun in Madeira, on two wheels or on four 
Should your muscles and bones be aching from all the cycling – switch to a motorised vehicle with four or two wheels. Madeira does have a lot of things to offer that can easily be explored in an e-vehicle or on a scooter. 

Driving and cycling fun in Madeira: guaranteed!

Especially on a scooter, you can reach some of the more remote locations on the island, and you no problem finding parking. Even if things get crowded at vista points, sights or in the city of Funchal 

On the partially narrow and steep mountain roads, scooter are a lot of fun to drive.

Book your scooter or vehicle via RMK Tours Madeira

You can book your scooter, e-scooter, vehicle or even motorbike via our partner, RMK Tours. This is where you will get lots of tips for round trips or family trips – while you may prefer to be going around on your bike.

Switch to more horsepower:

  • Our Partner RMK Tours will find a vehicle for you
  • For days tours in Madeira, trips with your family or simply for a break between your bike tours

If you would like a break from the bike – simply switch to a motorised two-wheel or four-wheel vehicle. Our partner RMK Tours will find the right vehicle for you.