Madeira: Renting a racing bike

For breath-taking panoramic tours at the highest level
You will barely find any even trails in Madeira. Accordingly, you will need a lot of stamina and a high level of physical fitness if you are planning to put your racing bike on the road here. You will, of course, have to overcome ascents of 10 to 20 % – and that is almost all the time. 

Magical racing-bike tours with breath-taking views

You will be rewarded too: with magical views of the ocean. You will cycle along of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. Alternatively, you can enjoy the fast descents into lush green valleys or across natural reserves. 

Bring your own racing bike, rent one & have it repaired locally

Whatever your plans are: For a racing-bike tour, you can bring your own bike. Alternatively, you can rent a Cannondale or a Specialized from us. 
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Exploring Madeira on your racing bike

  • One of the most challenging terrains – magical tours
  • You can rent your bicycle and equipment from us
  • Book guided tours with our guide 
  • or group tours
  • We also offer transfer to the starting point of the tour
  • Expert repairs on your bike