Renting an e-bike in Madeira

Biking as a beginner or just because you are curious – and mastering inclines successfully

This is how you experience the flower island Madeira from its most beautiful side: in the middle of nature. Along the levadas, over the mountain passes and through the green valleys. The steep trails in Madeira? No problem. Your e-bike or e-bike fully will help you. You can easily climb the many meters in altitude - depending on how hard you let your bike work for you - and enjoy the beauty of the island.

Are you coming to Madeira by cruise ship and want to explore the island by bike? No problem! We'll bring the bike to the dock for you. Of course, you will also get tips from us for great tours, e.g. to get to know the area around Funchal or to get to dreamlike viewpoints such as Cabo Girão with its glass skywalk or the Christ statue in Garajau. In the evening you simply hand the bike back to the cruise ship.

Information about our e-bikes and e-bike fullys


The e-bikes are from the company KTM Macina Ride 291 and have a 250W Bosh Active Line motor. They have a battery capacity of approx. 65km and reach speeds of approx. 25km / h. On the go or in the evening you can easily charge the battery from a socket. The e-bikes are in stock in sizes S, M and L.

E-Bike Fullys:

In addition to suspension on the front wheel, the e-bike full suspension "fullys" also have rear suspension and are therefore ideally suited for rough terrain. Because of the better traction and stability, higher speeds are also achieved. Our e-bike fullys are the Cannondale Habit 4+ with Bosch Engines and 625w battery. They are in stock in sizes S, M, L and XL

Guided tours, group tours for all levels

Sergio and team offer you guided day tours with a guide - regardless of whether you are a beginner or a biker with years of experience. We have the right level of difficulty for everyone. The bike is set up individually for you in the shop and your guide introduces you to the function of the bike. If necessary, he adapts the planned route to your ability so that you are neither under nor overburdened. Very easy and guaranteed driving fun.

Bike weeks with friends and family

Do you want to be on the road for longer than just a day? Book a cycling holiday with your friends or family? That is also possible: with our individual e-bike weeks. Go around the island once with the e-bike and discover the most beautiful places in Madeira. We will provide you with the right bikes, detailed tour plans and we will book the perfect accommodation for you. All you have to do is get on and drive off.

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Exploring Madeira on an e-bike

  • The many inclines in Madeira will not be a problem
  • Great tours past the levadas, via mountain passes, through valleys, forests or on high-level trails
  • Individual tours, day tours, weekly programmes, group tours – anything is possible 
  • On a KTM or Lapierre, extremely good bikes that offer lots of safe cycling fun.